My Fitness Routine

  • Gym visits 4 times a week - weight training
  • A session with a personal trainer once a week - weight training and cardio
  • Aerobic Kickboxing once a week
  • Running 3 times a week
  • 6km walk once a week
  • Jacob's Ladder once a month
  • Multiple days spent on the bike training for the Tour and Mount Washington - not sure how many days that will be a month, but I'm hoping at least twice. 


Upper and lower body workouts every morning
Running 5k once a week
Aerobic Kickboxing and Weight Lifting  intervals once a week
Running 10k once a week
Running 5k intervals once a week
Training session with a trainer once a week, concentrating on full body, emphasis on the upper body
Walking 2-4 times a week

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